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3 Features to Consider in a Bug out Vehicle

A bug out vehicle is among the most essential parts of a prepper's evacuation plan. These bug out vehicles are designed to get you out of a disaster area and to a safe place that you have prepared in advance. An effective bug out vehicle will feature such capabilities as off-road performance, large cargo capacity, and fuel economy.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is going to be one of the most important features to consider in a bug out vehicle, mostly because fuel can often be hard to come by in a disaster situation. By considering a compact SUV, hatchback, or other small vehicle, you can ensure that you get the most out of every drop of fuel and space out your refueling as much as possible. Hybrid SUV's and cars will also make good choices in a disaster scenario.

Large Cargo Capacity

When preparing for a disaster scenario, you are going to want to consider a vehicle that can safely and effectively transport multiple passengers and as many supplies as possible. For example, you will want a vehicle that can not only transport you and your family to a safe location, but also one that can carry a lot of food, fuel, water, and medical supplies. As a result, trucks and SUV's make fantastic bug out vehicles due to their large amounts of cargo room.

Now, a hatchback and SUV can be a bit more helpful than a truck because they can allow you to store your supplies within the vehicle. This will protect your supplies from the weather, as well as hide them from other people fleeing a disaster that may want to steal your supplies.

Off-Road Performance

Finally, off-road performance is a vitally important aspect of any bug out vehicle, mostly because you never know when you may have to take to side roads and unpaved trails in order to avoid traffic jams or road obstructions. In addition, if your bug out location is in a rural area, the ruggedness of most off-road vehicles will ensure that you get there without having to worry about damaging the vehicle on poor roads. 

Visit your local vehicle dealership today in order to see and test drive the many vehicles that are ideal for bug out vehicles. A bug out vehicle should be a good combination of off-road performance, cargo capacity, and fuel economy in order to transport you and your family to safety in the event of a major disaster.