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Planning To Buy A New Harley Davidson? 2 Tips To Ensure You Choose The Right One

If you are planning to purchase a new Harley Davidson motorcycle, there are many things to consider before you start shopping. To help, below are two tips to ensure you choose the right bike for you. You can then start riding the new Harley and enjoying it.

1. Decide on the Type of Harley

When you start shopping for Harley Davidson motorcycles you will find different types to choose from including:

  1. Street: If you plan to do mostly city and highway driving the Street model would work best. This type is lightweight and lean but still provides you with the power you need.
  2. Sportster: The Sportster model is lighter and smaller when compared to other types of Harley Davidson motorcycles. The model does great in the city, as well as the highway, and provides adequate power. This is a great choice if this is your first Harley Davidson.
  3. Touring: If you plan to ride your Harley on long trips the Touring model would work best. This is because the Touring is more durable and is built for long rides.
  4. Trike: The Trike model has three wheels making this motorcycle much easier to drive. This works well for city driving and driving on country roads. This motorcycle is more stable, which makes riding this motorcycle safer.

There are other types of Harley Davidson motorcycles to choose from. The dealer where you purchase the bike can go over these with you.

2. Choose the Right Seat

Comfort is important so make sure you sit on the motorcycle and drive it long enough on the test drive. One thing to consider while driving it is the seat.

First, check the seat height to ensure you can place your feet flat on the floor when the motorcycle is idling. If you cannot, you won't be able to keep the motorcycle upright, which would cause damage to the motorcycle if it were to fall, as well as injury to you.

The seat height does depend on the model that you purchase so this is something to consider. For example, a touring bike may be taller than a sportster.

The seat should be cushioned adequately to make it more comfortable to sit on. The seat should also be made with a high-quality leather, so it stays in great condition for a much longer period.

A dealership like Worth Harley Davidson North can go over with you other things to consider, as well as go into more details about the information above.