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3 Automobile Features That Make Winter Driving Safer & More Convenient

If you are ready to trade in your existing automobile for a vehicle that will make winter driving safer and more convenient, then you may wonder what automobile features you should look for that make driving on snow-covered winter roads safer and reduce the discomfort and hassle of winter driving. 

Read on to learn about three automobile features you should look for in a new vehicle when you want to make winter driving safer and more enjoyable. 

1. All-Wheel Drive

When choosing a vehicle that you will drive on winter roads that are covered with snow, ice, and slush, you should consider a model that is equipped with all-wheel drive. 

Unlike with traditional two-wheel, or front-wheel, drive drivetrains, both the front and rear wheel axles are engaged at all times on an all-wheel-drive vehicle. This engagement of both axles improves vehicle handling on various pavement types and increases wheel traction. Greater wheel tractions make driving on slippery roads safer. 

2. Driver-Assistance Features

Many driver-assistance features also increase driving safety during all months of the year, including the cold, snowy ones.

One of these features is adaptive cruise control; unlike traditional cruise control that allows you to set the vehicle speed that can then only be changed by disengaging the feature, adaptive cruise control automatically adjusts auto speed to help avoid a collision if the car in front of you slows down. 

An automated emergency braking feature automatically engages the brakes if an obstruction crosses your path when on the road, and lane keep assist helps keep your automobile in its proper lane in the event that you begin drifting out of it. 

These features can help reduce the chance of many vehicle collision types when you are driving on snowy or icy roads.  

3. Internet Connectivity

When you choose a vehicle with wi-fi connectivity, you often gain the ability to control your vehicle when not inside of it or even near it with the help of a car-compatible smartphone app.

While the automobile features you can control with this app vary from automobile model to model, some of these apps allow you to start your vehicle remotely to warm up your car and defrost your windows before you enter your car on a snowy winter morning; lock vehicle doors when you realize you forget to lock them after parking your car; and even turn on your automobile hazard lights in the event your car breaks down and is stuck on the side of the road. 

If you would like an automobile that makes winter driving safer, then consider purchase one, such as the Mazda CX30, that is equipped with these three features that make it a safe vehicle for all seasons.